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Personal web site of blind man Karolis Verbliugevicius from Lithuania (English version is coming soon)

Short review of this web site

I've lost my sight in 1996 year when I was 19 years old. The idea to create my own web site came to me after long and unsuccessful search for a job. In the summer of 2001 year I finished Vilnius pedagogical university and started to look for a job. There were many bought newspapers, read and published advertisements, written e-mails, contacts and visits with employers but I couldn't get a job.

In my opinion the most important reason of such results was that employers didn't believe in me and my ability to do the work they there offering. Other problem was the negative attitude of our people to the disable. These facts encouraged me to look for unusual ways finding a job. So I decided to introduce myself and especially my abilities on the Internet.

I found the information about HTML in the Internet, studied it and created personal web site on my own. The information in this web site is like enlarged CV (Curriculum Vitae) with a detailed informative text and pictures which represent my life and my abilities. There are explanations of my education with copies of obtained diplomas and certificates, experience and already done works, possibilities in living alone, mobility and capability in working with a computer.

After the web site was published on the Internet I started a new search for a job. Success came not so quickly but at this moment I'm working at two places as a teacher of computers. Also I have some more offers from other employers.

In general this web site has 3 main goals:

1. To introduce my self in short and enlarged ways to potentional employers.

2. Represents general information for society about the blinds' life. Gives oportunity to imagine how can be life without sight.

3. Represents real possibilities for people who have lost the sight like me, for their families and friends. Demonstrates that even without sight there are many oportunities and ways to pursue own purposes.